15 2014

Packing to Move House? Our Packing Tips.

Lisa Eddey

Here at Home Moving Planners we are experts at packing your house and ready for your move, removing the stress from you.

In order to make the packing process easy and have all possessions packed and ready to go before the moving day, we suggest the following tips for the four days before the moving day:

As painful as it may seem it’s important to remember that during the moving process some sacrifices need to be made to make the moving day itself stress free and organized. In the four days leading up to the move, only bare essentials should be left unpacked

  • Kitchen: leave everyone in the house a set of cutlery, a bowl, a plate and a saucepan and fry pan for cooking. It is ideal to plan meals ahead so that the pantry can be cleared and only essential items needed to cook with for the last four days are left out. Preferably try and use up as much of your pantry as you can so there are minimal items left to pack. The kitchen is the room that often takes the longest to pack, so planning ahead and having this nice and sorted well in advance will save any stress or panic.
  • Bathroom: Leave everyone a new clean towel for the last four days and only essential items such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and shampoo to be left out as the rest should be packed up.
  • Laundry and Clothes: It is preferable to do a wash four days before the move so that all dirty washing and linen can be packed up, and remaining laundry items such as washing powder can also be packed. Plan ahead and lay out clothes for the last four days of the move, and pack the rest of your clothes. Leave a large plastic bag of box for the last day to pack dirty clothes from the last four days.
  • Toys: If you have young children, remove them from the room (possibly during a nap) and choose a few toys for them to last them up until the moving day, and pack up the rest of their toys.
  • Paperwork: Pack up and sort all non-urgent paperwork so that it is organized for the unpacking at the new house.
  • Box Labeling: When completing a packing job, Home Moving Planners label and number all boxes clearly using big easy to read labels. These labels describe the contents of the box,  where the items were located in the old house and where it is to be placed in the new house. The labels are coloured coded so that if some boxes are to go to storage etc, these are easily recognizable from ones to be taken to the new house. Each label has a corresponding place on the box list manifest. This way you can quickly scan the list to locate the items you are after, and find its corresponding box number. Labeling boxes makes the moving day much easier, particularly at the unpacking stage, as boxes can be put into their correct rooms and you can easily see what items are in each box. No more searching for boxes and wondering where things went!

This way you have left only small essential items to be packed quickly on the day of the move, so that everything can run smoothly and stress free. The last thing you want to be doing is staying up late the night before or rushing around in madness on the day of the move. Have everything organized in advance, and then just sit back and relax on the day.

Packing Tips
Packing Tips