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If you cannot find the answer to your question regarding downsizing, decluttering, moving house, packing & unpacking, home styling & house staging in Melbourne here, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What if my house is already sold, can we still use Home Moving Planners Service?

That’s fine! Do you need help sorting through what to take to your new place? Do you need help with clearing and cleaning your house before settlement? Do you need help packing and unpacking your belongings that you are taking with you? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the task of moving and/or downsizing? Do you have family that is unable to help you or are time poor? Are you unable to physically do the tasks and organization involved with the move?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Home Moving Planners is able to help you and remove any stress involved with moving.

What if my loved one has been moved to aged care and the house still needs to be sold?

That’s fine! We don’t need your loved one to be present to complete the work. Home Moving Planners will help family sort through possessions that they, or any friends would like to keep, and will then begin to declutter and clear the house so that it is presentable for sale. Left over items will be either given to charity, used for house or home staging or taken to landfill as rubbish. We try to donate as much of your unwanted possessions as possible. The house is given a thorough spring clean and then furniture is moved so as to best present the house for potential buyers.

Once the house has been sold, Home Moving Planners can begin to sell left over furniture for you, and get the house prepared for settlement.

What if I am not looking to sell or downsize, but just need help sorting and my “stuff”?

Home Moving Planners would be happy to help you! Our business is flexible and we do as much or as little as our client wants! If you are feeling overwhelmed by your “stuff” and feel it is taking over your house or your life, we will help you declutter by sorting through and deciding what it is you need and the possibility of throwing things away, giving them to charity or putting them in storage. We are empathetic and understanding of our clients needs and that this can be a difficult process. We work very closely with each client to make sure that every step of the way and the final outcome, be it decluttering or selling your house, is stress free.

What if my loved one is remote to me?

This is why Home Moving Planners was created! Our service is ideal for those whose family members do not live close to them, and therefore the process of helping to move and/or downsize is too difficult, time consuming, costly and stressful. If your loved one lives far away from you, Home moving Planners is there to give you a hand and to make the move stress free for all of the family.

What happens to my stuff?

Home Moving Planners are committed to recycling, repurposing and donating your unwanted possessions.

  • Unwanted clothes, kitchen goods, electronics, ornaments, books, dvds are given to charities.
  • Unwanted furniture is sold for you at garage sales, sold on Gumtree or Ebay or if it is unable to be sold it is free listed, so as to be given to a new home without the cost to you of getting it removed.
  • Rubbish is taken to landfill and is disposed of properly. All paper, cardboard and plastics are recycled where possible.

Please see our list of charities for more information.

What happens if hidden valuables are found?

All valuables (jewelry, money etc) and important documents or belongings that have gone missing or have been forgotten about by the family are stored in a safe place and is then labeled and kept for you or your loved one so that you can get these items at your convenience. We will notify the family/you as soon as any valuables are found.

Home Moving Planners is a business based around, honesty, trust and family values, and at all times we represent our clients interests and concerns. All valuables and all possessions are treated with the upmost respect. This is how we would like our possessions and homes to be treated if we were to hire this service. Therefore it is paramount that we gain our clients trust by running an honest and trustworthy business.

Can I get progress on how everything is going?

Certainly! Home Moving Planners likes to call and/or email our clients at the end of each day to let them know of progress or to answer any questions or queries the client has. We may also be in touch with you during our days of work if we come across anything that we need to liaise with you about.

We like to communicate as often as our client would like so that proceedings run smoothly and stress free for our clients.

How can your service help the sale of my house? Do I really need my house to be properly presented?

Your house needs to be in tip-top condition and prepared for sale in a manner so that it is attractive and appealing to potential buyers. People will often make a decision to buy your home by the time they’ve walked trough your front door, so it is paramount that your house is looking its absolute best, inside and out. Furthermore, potential buyers want to be able to visualize their own possessions in your house and therefore need to see all the “space” available to them in each room. Often houses are set up for your own comfort, but this is not always visually appealing and does not maximize the space in the room.

A well-presented house could potentially (and often does) achieve an extra 5-10% in sale price. Bear in mind that 5% on a $500,000 home is a gain of $25,000. Therefore the cost of our service is minimal to the potential saving you could achieve from using our service.

Are you able to help me with my move/downsize as well as help me sell my home?

Yes, we can do all of that for you! Home Moving Planners are flexible and are able to offer a range of services such as preparing your house for sale, home styling, decluttering & so on (See Our Services above). We will do as much or as little as you need!

Where are you based? Where will you work?

Lisa and Jess live in the Manningham area in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We tend to work in the surrounding suburbs and areas, however we will travel to other areas of Melbourne, such as the western suburbs, northern and further out east. If you live quite a distance away from the CBD we can talk about costs involved with travel time.

How much does your service cost/how long will it take to complete the job?

Our service is flexible and adapts to each house and each clients needs. Therefore our service doesn’t fit on price. Our costing depends on the hours needed to either declutter, sort, clean and present the house as a whole or only some of these services used. It also depends on whether the client would like us to pack and/or unpack for them.

Houses on average take between 17-60 hours depending on what the client is needing and how much the house needs to be declutter or cleaned. We are able to determine an approximate estimate of hours after the initial visit to the property. We often provide a second quote if the client would like to use our services for settlement as well.

Our service can cost between $1500-7000, and includes organization of transport, storage, removalists, rubbish removal and labour. However you are free to choose your own preferred outside services if you wish.