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Downsizing Services Melbourne. Define downsize Me
Define downsizing.

Home Moving Planners offer downsizing services for those on a budget

To downsize or move into a smaller house or home, apartment or retirement home at any age or life stage is a stressful an often overwhelming experience. For carers, loved ones or family members this process can also be just as stressful an experience. In many cases family members often feel burdened with the load of tasks that need to be completed before the selling of the property and the move. This is particularly the case because their loved ones are often unable to physically complete these tasks themselves. This can cause strain on the family as a whole. Often the carer finds it hard to focus on their loved one during the emotional time that is moving onto a new stage in their life, as they are absorbed in the task of getting their loved on moved.

The process for seniors of moving from a family home filled with years of treasured possessions is a long, stressful and time-consuming process for the person moving or planning to downsize and their families. Often the entire processes can take up to 30-70 hours to complete. For family members this can cost them time at work or time away from their separate family time and commitments. Similarly the health, happiness and welfare of the person moving is often forgotten. This is particularly the case when there is an urgent need to get the property on the market and therefore time poor families are put under considerable strain.

Similarly, there are many elderly people who have no family, or have family that do not reside in the same state or country to be able to provide this help.

Tough decisions need to be made for those planning to downsize, and it can often be overwhelming trying to decide what needs to be taken with you and what to do with what is left over. Furthermore the house needs to be prepared, cleaned and presented for sale to maximize the property’s sale potential.

Define Downsizing

Downsizing if oftentimes a term used in relation to businesses when they shed staff to reduce costs.

To define downsizing in terms of a persons house or home simply means to move from what has typically been the family home into something more suitable, such as a smaller house, an apartment or even a retirement home as the years progress and the need for all those rooms decreases.

Typically, downsizing makes it easier to manage your house (and the cleaning!), eliminate the need for climbing stairs, maintain a large garden and sometimes to release capital equity for lifestyle reasons in retirement or ones later years.

Downsize for retirement and aged care

The mere thought of downsizing for anyone at any life stage can be stressful, but for those who have lived in their house for 20-50 years, the thought of moving is incredibly overwhelming.

At Home Moving Planners we offer a range of downsizing services and can help with:

  • Assistance and Guidance with Moving. We help you move!
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Deciding what to take and what to leave by identifying what will fit in your new home.
  • Organising what to do with what is left behind (furniture to be sold, given to charity or to be disposed of)
  • Planning ahead to ensure all of your furniture and belongings will fit into your new home
  • Supervising the move of items into your new home
  • Positioning your chosen furniture and possessions in your new home to ensure a safe living environment
  • Providing a compassionate and understanding service to ensure your personal wellbeing is also looked after during the move.
  • Organize all packing materials (boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, etc)
  • Taking items to and from storage
  • Help prepare, stage and style your house for sale
  • Decluttering and sorting possessions to go to family members, charity.
  • Selling of unwanted furniture and goods
  • Organising rubbish removal
  • Cleaning house thoroughly for settlement
  • Window cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Outdoor cleaning
  • House clearing for settlement
  • Organising storage and removalists
  • Packing any goods or furniture to go to family members.
  • Organising carpet cleaners

We can organize, plan and complete all of these tasks for you! (see Seniors Downsizing for more information).

Home Moving Planners … your downsize me & downsizing for retirement and aged care specialists!


As our business is completely flexible we are also able to help with:

  • Packing, moving and unpacking
  • Setting up your new home

You can be assured that you or your loved one will be completely looked after and the house and personal items will be treated with the same respect we treat our own.

To arrange a free quote to downsize me or help with a loved one, contact us or call either:
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Let us make you or your loved ones move into a new stage of life stress-free, and comfortable!