Deceased Estate House Clearances & Cleaning in Melbourne

We can help and remove the pain and stress!

There is no way to appropriately describe what losing a loved one feels likes. For many, having to pack up their loved ones homes and possessions is all too painful. Similarly there are many elderly people who have lost a partner and have no family, or have family that do not reside in the same state or country to be able to provide this help.

During this time tough decisions need to be made by the family. Preparing a house for sale or settlement with your loved ones possessions still left inside can be completely overwhelming, and trying to decide what things you would like to keep can be too difficult a task to complete.

At this time it is too hard to look at the sale or settlement of a house objectively. The last thing you may be thinking of is how to go about sorting through your loved ones possessions, thinking about the task of cleaning the house and setting up to best present the property for sale to maximize its sale price and potential.

Our deceased estate house clearances and cleaning services are ideal for those who are:

  • Unable to physically complete the sorting and clean up tasks themselves
  • Overwhelmed and stressed at the task involved with preparing their loved ones house for sale or settlement.
  • Too distressed to sort through their loved ones possessions.
  • Remote to their loved ones property
  • Too busy and time poor to complete these cleaning tasks
  • Unable to complete these clean up tasks in a short time frame.

Our range of deceased estate house clearances services include:

  • Decluttering and sorting and transportation of goods and possessions to go to family, charity or for unwanted items to be sold.
  • Deceased Estate Furniture Removal: Selling of unwanted furniture and goods to buyers who specialise in purchasing deceased estate furniture
  • Organising rubbish removal
  • Organising for necessary repairs and cosmetic improvements
  • Home Staging - styling of the house in preparation for sale to maximize selling potential
  • Cleaning Services: Cleaning house thoroughly for sale or settlement
  • Window cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Organising painters and handymen
  • Outdoor cleaning
  • Cleaning and Clearing house for settlement
  • Organising storage and removalists
  • Packing any goods or furniture to go to family members
  • Organising carpet steam cleaning

If you feel that completing these tasks in your loved one's home is all too much, Home Moving Planners can manage all aspects of,

Deceased Estate Clearance Service

After a loved one has passed away, it can be too painful for the family to think about dealing with what has been left behind and cleaning out deceased house contents. Home Moving Planners can help with deceased estate property clearance and deceased estate cleaning to prepare the property for settlement.

Home Moving Planners will all make sure that remaining furniture and possessions left inside the property be removed/sold/taken to storage/given to family or friends and unwanted goods are sorted into charity or landfill so that the house is completely cleared for settlement.

The property then needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

Home Moving Planners … Melbourne's quick and affordable experts in deceased estate clearances.

Deceased Estate Cleaning Service

Not only does a deceased estate need to be cleared for settlement, but it also needs to be thoroughly cleaned. Often family members are very distressed at this time and clearing a property is very stressful and time consuming. Therefore the client of any deceased estate in Melbourne needs to be solely focused on clearing the property and the cleaning gets pushed down on the priority list. Unfortunately if a property is not thoroughly cleaned for the next owners, the house may not be settled. This can be costly and place unneeded stress on loved ones who are already distressed at this time.

Home Moving Planners can remove this stress from you, and your loved ones by completing the tasks required for settlement, making the settlement process easy and stress free. Spend time with your family members during this time, rather then spending time worrying about what to do with your deceased loved ones possessions.

Home Moving Planners … your leading Melbourne deceased estate clearance services and cleaning company..

Deceased Estate Cleaning Services, Deceased Estate Clean up and Deceased Estate Clearances & Clearing Melbourne


You can be assured that we will take absolute care in treating your deceased loved ones possessions and home with the upmost respect and care and at all times we respect the decease persons or their loved ones wishes for their posessions when cleaning out deceased house contents.

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