29 2019

Presenting your garden for sale

Jess Eddey

Presenting your garden for sale - blog post image

Don’t let your garden sabotage the sale of your house. The first thing potential buyers see before they even set foot through your front door is your garden. People will make up their mind whether they are interested in your property by the time they get to your front door.

Are there weeds everywhere to the point where you’re unsure where the plants and garden beds have disappeared too? Are trees overgrowing and hiding the space of the yard? Are hedges and bushes hiding windows, porches or balconies? Buyers look at these seemingly small issues dramatically, from the small ‘where can the kids play in the backyard with the dog’ to ‘how much time, effort and money will this cost to fix? An overgrown and poorly maintained garden can kill the interest in a home almost as quickly as an outdated kitchen or orange wallpaper.

Provided it’s done correctly research shows that a well maintained and attractive garden will provide more ‘bang for your buck’ than almost any other home improvement.

Here at Home Moving Planners we have a wonderful team of gardeners who give life to overgrown and poorly maintained gardens. The first thing potential buyers see at properties we have prepared for sale is that the garden is appealing! Our gardeners make sure that:

  • The garden looks easy to maintain and take care of.
  • All trees and bushes are trimmed and shaped, and that all windows are not blocked
  • All leaves are removed (buyers don’t want to think that they will have to be outside every few days removing leaves, or worse clearing blocked gutters as this is dangerous and/or costly!)
  • All weeds are removed
  • Fresh, appropriate colour tanbark or mulch is laid on garden beds to make the garden “pop” with colour.
  • Grass is mowed

It is important to remember that anything that appears to need work and will cost people time and money will significantly impact their interest and price they are willing to pay. The changes to your garden do not need to be large! You do not need to completely re-landscape the garden. However small changes such as trimming and laying tanbark can add value to your property!