PROPERTY STYLING: tips for presenting your home to the market — PART 1 the basics

Tips to help with the foundations of preparing and styling your home for sale.
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DE-CLUTTERING: NEUROSCIENCE results show strong link to wellbeing — why is the process so hard?

Tips to help with de-cluttering; and the scientific reasoning behind why clutter clearing is good for our wellbeing, yet a difficult process.  (read more)

Recent Work: The Power of Decluttering and Styling Your Home for Sale
  • Why removing clutter and styling your home vital when selling your home
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Property Styling: Why should I have my home styled for sale?
  • The importance of styling you home for sale.
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01 2016

We work all over!

Lisa Eddey

We work all over!

Here you will find a map of all of the Melbourne suburbs where Home Moving Planners has recently done downsizing. decluttering, home and house staging and property styling work! Are you there? Its easy to check the Melbourne suburbs we've serviced recently. (read more)

Home Styling & Staging Testimonial: Gillian

Lisa & Jessica Eddey and they're team at Home Moving Planners did a brilliant job in preparing the house I was selling for auction. They were at all times inclusive, friendly and extremely helpful and made the entire process a stress-free experience. (read more)

Recent Work ... Decluttering, Styling, Home Clearance ...

It's been a busy three months here at Home Moving Planners! (read more)

16 Leddy Street, Forest Hill
The photos below show photos before our clients bought the property and how it was previously styled. By adding neutral colours and trying to keep each room spacious with stylish decorating, this keeps with the modern feel of the house. Choosing light furniture keeps the house looking fresh, whereas dark furniture can date the home. See before photos below; we believed that by choosing the correct furniture and properly styling the property adds to its value, and sale price. (read more)

Moving? Selling your home? Need your house cleared for settlement?
Recently one of our clients came to us asking if we could help her move her. She was unsure if we could help her with this process as she wasn’t “elderly” and wasn’t sure if our services to help downsize where suitable for her age group. (read more)

Deceased Estate Clearance Testimonial: Jane

A beautiful hand written thank you from one of our amazing clients! (read more)

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