The importance of using an expert decluttering team for deceased estate clearance

At Home Moving Planners we are committed to not only helping our clients achieve the best possible sales result on their home, but to uncover important items and possessions, forgotten or hidden within the property. (read more)

Clients home receives $350,000 over reserve price after Home Moving Planners prepared the property for sale

It was lovely for the Home Moving Planners team to be mentioned in and Herald Sun Sunday article, on the successful sale of our clients property. 39 ironbark drive in Lower Templestowe sold for $350,000 over the reserve price over the weekend.  (read more)

CASE STUDY: A rewarding sale in more than one way. House clearance and preparing a home for sale.

Our beautiful clients were in need of assistance in preparing their parents home for sale. Our clients required Home Moving Planners help with every stage of the selling process. Our clients parents had already moved into aged care so the focus was on what to do with their full house of remaining belongings,  and preparing the house so it received the best sale price to assist their parents financially. (read more)

7 tips to manage clearing a Deceased Estate:

There is no way to appropriately describe what losing a loved one feels likes. For many, having to sort through pack up their loved ones home and possessions is all too painful.
 (read more)

The importance of decluttering when downsizing

One of the biggest fears people have about downsizing, is that they will feel cramped in their new home. It’s therefore incredibly important to make sure that if you are downsizing that the furniture and items you choose to take with you will fit into your new space comfortably and safely.
 (read more)

Top 5 tips to prepare your home for sale

First impressions count when you are selling, so it’s important to invest a little bit of time and energy into ensuring your property is attractive as possible to potential buyers.  (read more)

Downsizing: Why is decluttering a difficult task?

There comes a time in almost everyone’s life when their home no longer suits their needs. When it comes to getting older, the decision to move is often driven by specific needs – such as health issues or a desire to be closer to loved ones. Downsizing to smaller living, opens up an array of new opportunities to create a better lifestyle by simplifying your life and making managing your house easier. (read more)

What's it like to be a Deceased Estate clearer?

It was lovely for our wonderful staff and team at Home Moving Planners to be featured in, on what is is like to be a Deceased Estate clearer. (read more)


29 2019

Presenting your garden for sale

Jess Eddey

Presenting your garden for sale

Don’t let your garden sabotage the sale of your house. The first thing potential buyers see before they even set foot through your front door is your garden. People will make up their mind whether they are interested in your property by the time they get to your front door.
 (read more)

Why you need the help of a professional declutter expert

You’re sitting in your living room… just the site of it makes you feel anxious!  (read more)

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