PROPERTY STYLING: tips for presenting your home to the market — PART 1 the basics

Tips to help with the foundations of preparing and styling your home for sale.
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DE-CLUTTERING: NEUROSCIENCE results show strong link to wellbeing — why is the process so hard?

Tips to help with de-cluttering; and the scientific reasoning behind why clutter clearing is good for our wellbeing, yet a difficult process.  (read more)

Recent Work: The Power of Decluttering and Styling Your Home for Sale
  • Why removing clutter and styling your home vital when selling your home
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Property Styling: Why should I have my home styled for sale?
  • The importance of styling you home for sale.
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Moving? Selling your home? Need your house cleared for settlement?
Recently one of our clients came to us asking if we could help her move her. She was unsure if we could help her with this process as she wasn’t “elderly” and wasn’t sure if our services to help downsize where suitable for her age group. (read more)

We always express the importance of setting up as many rooms as possible as bedrooms, to our clients. If you have more than four bedrooms then this is not a concern. However if you have four or less bedrooms, this is a crucial selling point for your property. (read more)

Don’t let your garden sabotage the sale of your house. The first thing potential buyers see before they even set foot through your front door is your garden. (read more)

One sure way to prevent your home from selling quickly and for a great price is to present it badly. And by presenting badly, this could even mean the way you have your house set up ‘day-to-day’. This may sound harsh, as we often take great pride in our homes and therefore take offence to people changing the way our house has been set up for years! You may say “it works for us so why not for everyone else!?” (read more)

You’re sitting in your living room… just the site of it makes you feel anxious! (read more)

Some people mistakenly believe that selling a completely empty house will increase their sale price over a furnished house. They believe that it allows prospective buyers to visualize what their furniture would look like in it and to imagine what they could do with the space. (read more)

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