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We help those who are moving house & unable to prepare a house for sale and set up their new home themselves.

Home Moving Planners specialise in helping seniors who are moving house, downsize, declutter and/or relocate.
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We Help People Who are Relocating or Moving House

We are expert accredited Professional Organisers (AAPO Member) and our moving house, styling, staging & professional organising services can help those who are:

  • Overwhelmed and stressed with the task of sorting, clearing and cleaning a house prior to it being sold
  • Overwhelmed and stressed at the task of packing, transporting their goods and chattels and setting up their new home
  • Are unable to physically complete the tasks necessary to prepare a house for sale and to set up their new home themselves
  • Those who are time poor or who have family who are time poor, are unable to take time off work, or do not live near their loved one.

Home Moving Planners predominantly works with and helps seniors and our elderly community when they are moving house, be it either as a case of downsizing or moving into aged care and we are passionate about helping our aging population live a fulfilling and comfortable life in their later years.

However, Home Moving Planners do also help families from all backgrounds and demographics who need help moving house, regardless of their life stage or age.

For example, Home Moving Planners recently helped prepare a house for sale for a young family with two young children, who were struggling with the tasks of moving as their were very time poor due to work demands and the demands of having two young children.

Decluttering Services in Melbourne

Home Moving Planners also help those who need to declutter. We offer professional decluttering services to help you with home decluttering and remove all that clutter from your home and organise your life!

We work closely with our clients who may be feeling overwhelmed and who need help with clutter sorting and decluttering in preparation for sale or those who just need declutter help from a declutter expert. We do this through working empathetically with our clients. We understand that it can be hard to part with your possessions.

So how do we help? We introduce strategies to help you emotionally detach yourself from possessions that are unneeded and that may be making your home unsafe or overwhelming.


So if you require home decluttering services or house movers Melbourne, to arrange a free quote from our Melbourne based business, call either:
Lisa 0409 592 253 or
Jessica 0400 977 833.

Home Moving Planners... your professional moving house, styling and decluttering experts.

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