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How to prepare your house for sale.
Styling your house for sale.

Preparing a House for Sale Melbourne

Preparing your house for sale can seem like a very daunting task. There are a lot of tasks that need to be completed when you're selling your home in order for the house to be ready for photos and to be put on the real estate market. It is particularly daunting for you and your loved ones if you have lived in your home for a quite a few years and have accumulated as many years worth of possessions. Where do you start? What has to be done? How to prepare your home for sale?

To answer the question as to "How to prepare your house for sale?" can be difficult. Preparing your house for sale requires quite a few steps and quite a bit of work depending on the state of yours or our loved ones house. Often this task is incredibly overwhelming and stressful for those who do not have experience. Furthermore most people are unsure how to best style their house for sale, and leave it the way they have lived in it for years, which unfortunately is not presenting the house in it’s best light. Focusing on the tasks required to sell your home and the thought of leaving you family home of many years can be very stressful and time consuming. Why put yourself through this stress?

Here at Home Moving Planners we can handle all of the tasks that may be required when preparing yours or your loved ones home or house for sale, removing that stress from you and your loved ones. Furthermore, as experts, we are able to complete these tasks in a timely manner, particularly if the house needs to be on the real esate market in a short time frame.

Home Moving Planners are experts at styling and preparing homes for sale and consistently produce houses ready for sale and showing your home in the best light which, as a result sell well above the reserve price, with some houses selling for $100,000-$400,000 over the reserve price.

Before you prepare for sale.
After styling for sale.

Tips: How to prepare your house for sale

Want to know how to prepare your home for sale? Follow our Home Moving Planners tips for preparing & styling your house for sale:

  1. Start by SURVEYING: your house the garden, sheds, garages and any other areas of the house. Note what needs to be done in these areas. Do rooms or outside areas need to be painted? Are there areas of the house that need fixing up or mending? Next, create a PLAN OF ATTACK, starting with…
  2. DECLUTTERING AND CLUTTER CLEARING: set up four work stations and sort into piles for things you would like to keep, things to go to charity, things to be sold and things to be disposed of. For more information on how to declutter visit our Decluttering, declutter tips and organize clutter or clearing clutter tips pages.
  3. Get RUBBISH and CHARITY to be picked up as soon as possible. This will stop you from trawling through you give away piles and bringing things back into the house!
  4. Attend to the GARDEN (ie. mow the lawn!) and get any PAINTING or HANDYMAN work completed. (This way you won’t have to keep moving furniture around once you have it set up)
  5. REMOVE UNNECESSARY FURNITURE: when preparing a house for sale remember rooms look best for presentation when they are light, bright and spacious. Remove furniture form windows and allow space for a few people to walk into the room and easily past furniture. You do no want rooms to be crammed. Potential buyers need to be able to see what type of furniture could fit into the place, as well as being able to see their own furniture in the house. Therefore keep things as minimalist as possible and remove any furniture that is crowding the room.
  6. STYLING: Styling your house for sale is to basically revamp the house from the front door to the back garden. Bring out your good cases, artwork, crystalwear. Opt for neutral colours when decorating and add some cream or grey throws, beige, black or green cushions to beds and couches and replace old linen with fresh crisp white covers to freshen up and modernize rooms. For more tips related to staging and styling your hosue for sale, please visit our Property Staging and House Styling Tips pages.
  7. CLEANING: the house needs a through spring clean. From cupboards being vacuumed and wiped out to having windows and carpets cleaned.

Now your house is clutter free, spacious and tastefully styled. Time to get it on the market!

When preparing your home for a sale, Home Moving Planners is different from other companies as our service is thorough and completes all the loose ends that arise when moving house and selling a house or home.

There are many different steps in-between to complete the process to prepare your home for sale or styling your house for sale, such as:

  • Quick and affordable rubbish removal
  • Providing storage and moving boxes
  • Providing other packing materials such as bubble wrap or butchers paper
  • Organising painters and handymen
  • Organising carpet cleaners and window cleaners
  • Organising storage, pick up and deliveries to storage, before and after sale
  • Gardening that is efficient and affordable
  • Outdoor cleaning
  • A thorough spring clean of the house as well as regular touch ups
  • Decluttering and organising possessions.
  • Selling of unwanted furniture.

We can organize all of these things for you! That way you can just relax and all you have to do is sit back, or drive to your new home! We can do everything for you. We will fill in the details other companies miss when providing a service to help move or sell a house.

Home Moving Planners ... we are experts at styling and preparing your house for sale!

Styling Your Home For Sale.
How to Prepare & Style Your Home For Sale.

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