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Staging a house for sale is a proven way to help sell a home in Melbourne (or real estate investment property) faster and for bigger returns. Home Moving Planners provide property staging services for those on a budget. We restyle and reinvent rooms using your exiting furniture where possible.

Growing research suggests that professionally staged homes sell faster and at higher prices. One study in the USA compared the average sale price and speed of sale of staged properties to un-staged properties and found that:

  • Staged houses sold twice as fast as a non - staged houses
  • Staged houses sold for 6.9% higher than a non - staged houses
Staging a Home for sale. Staging houses Melbourne
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Make it look lived in and spacious

The key to preparing a home for sale, is by creating a look that will easily enable potential buyers to see themselves living in your property.

Buyers want to see “SPACE”. Rooms need to be presented so as to make the room look as large as possible. We do this by removing unnecessary furniture and clutter from the room and try to maximize the light in rooms by not blocking any windows. This also creates the . visualization of more “space”.

The trick is to coax the buyer into feeling as though the property is already theirs.

It’s smartest to modestly furnish and decorate your home. Unfortunately many people do not know how to go about decorating and applying styles on their properties for sale. They often become so comfortable and used to the way the house has been set up, that they are unable to see their home and furniture set up in another way. You do not want people who are viewing you property to become distracted. That bright floral 90’s bed linen may have worked perfectly and comfortably for you, but it isn’t allowing the potential buyer to see anything but your personality in the house.

It is best to lightly furnish properties, as these feel homely an inviting and allow the potential buyer to imagine themselves living there.

The buyer should get a sense of what each room could be used for and what size furniture could fit in the space, and make comparison between their furnishing and yours to determine if the property will suit their lifestyle. Vacant properties lack this atmosphere. The key is to make the house look tasteful, liveable, homely and attractive, whilst also maximizing each room’s space and light.

Luckily this can be done inexpensively through simple furnishings. As well as working with the available furniture and furnishings, at we may bring in additional pieces such as pot plants, occasional tables, cushions, fabrics, mirrors and lighting. We use these ‘props’ to achieve a welcoming effect in every room, by softening or hiding undesirable elements and highlighting the more appealing aspects of your interiors. Were necessary we can also bring in our furniture to show off your property in its best light whilst reducing unnecessary costs for hiring furniture.

A well-presented property could potentially (and often does) achieve an extra 5-10% in sale price. Bare in mind that 5% on a $500,000 home is a gain of $25,000. Therefore the cost of our home staging services is minimal as compared to the potential gains you could achieve from using our service.

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