Need Help To Declutter Your Home or House?

We are professional declutter specialists in Melbourne.

Need help to declutter my home or home? We're decluttering specialists in Melbourne and can help to declutter your house quickly.
Need a decluttering specialist to help decluttering my home? We offer de clutter help in Melbourne.

Home Moving Planners is a long established family owned business that provides a professional declutter service for help with decluttering a house or a home in Melbourne. As members of the Australian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO), we have the qualifications and experience to help to declutter your house.

So, if your looking for a declutter specialist or an answer to the question "who can help me declutter my house?", that's us! Just call us on 0409 592 253 or 0400 977 833 or Request a Free Quote. We think you will be surprised, and pleased, with how cost effective our declutter services actually are!

We help hoarders with clearing their clutter. It may be that the accumulated clutter is "taking over" or in some cases, the clutter may represent a fire hazard, taking up too much space, or blocking entry or exit routes and needs to be cleared as it has become a safety issue. Or, we also help those who need to prepare a cluttered house for sale and don't know where to start or the best way to undertake this seemingly onerous task.

And we oftentimes find we are asked to provide help for people who have elderly parents who might be downsizing for retirement, moving to aged care or sadly, who may have recently passed away and need to address the issue of many years of accumulated "stuff" that needs to be organised, cleared and/or removed.

There is research which shows that de-cluttering is a difficult process (see DE-CLUTTERING: NEUROSCIENCE results show strong link to wellbeing — why is the process so hard?). We are not emotionally linked to your or your parents posessions so, armed with that emotional detachment, we can apply our skills to complete what is known to be a difficult task, quickly and expertly.

How we help with decluttering your home.

Below you will see a representative list showing the approach we take to declutter your home:

  • We first try to determine whether you are:
    • not effectively using storage space in your house,
    • you do not have any or enough storage options,
    • you have items in the wrong place, or
    • you just have accumulated too many posessions.
  • We group similar items and possession together and store them in options such as paper trays, baskets, magazine holders instead of having things lying on desks, coffee tables etc
  • We try to determine if your possessions old and unused. Are you just hoarding them? Have you used the items in the last few years? Do you plan on using them in the next year? If not they should be removed, given to charity or if possible, sold.
  • We can look at the clothes in your closet to determine if they are out of date and dispose of them if so.
  • We organise existing storage areas, so when we sort other rooms, we will have places to put your other possessions that should be in stored out of site.
  • We tidy up and organise your linen closets. We also determine whether you need to keep all of those old towels and sheets and if they are old and past their used by date we get rid of them!

To see some examples of decluttering before and after photos, see our photo gallery, our Instagram site or or our blog (eg. Recent Work: The Power of Decluttering and Styling Your Home for Sale)

Declutter Specialist Melbourne - note the attire - we're professionals!So ... for help with decluttering your house ...

If you need help, just give us a call as we can help with clutter removal or decluttering your home!

To arrange a free quote for help decluttering a house call either:
Lisa 0409 592 253
Jessica 0400 977 833
... or contact us for a free quote. We think you will be surprised and pleased with how cost effective our Melbourne decluttering services actually are!

Home Moving Planners are decluttering specialists who help people to continue to live in their homes safely and those that just need their clutter cleared. 

Home Moving Planners ... your decluttering specialists in Melbourne.