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Tips for how to declutter your home Melbourne.

Are you a clutter hoarder? Want to know how to declutter Melbourne? We're the experts! Decluttering Tips
Declutter Tips. Need help to declutter your home? We know how to declutter as we're experts!

Want to know some tips for how to declutter your house or home?

Here at Home Moving Planners we are declutter experts and decluttering professionals. (We are Members of the Australian Professional Organisers Association AAPO) Although decluttering isn’t rocket science, it does take patience, discipline and direction. If you are not a natural organizer or you are feeling too overwhelmed with the process of decluttering your home, there are decluttering companies and declutter businesses, such as ourselves, who are declutter experts who can help remove this stress from you.

Home Moving Planners are experts at decluttering homes to continue living in and those that need to be decluttered for sale and so we have provided the following de-cluttering tips for you.

Declutter checklist & tips

If your not sure how to declutter your home, below you will find some basic tips  ...

  • Determine whether your house is cluttered because you are:
    • not effectively using storage space in your house,
    • you do not have any storage options,
    • you have items in the wrong place OR
    • you just have too much clutter.
  • Can you group similar items and possession together in storage options (such as paper trays, baskets, magazine holders) instead of having things lying on desks, coffee tables etc?
  • Are the possessions you are keeping very old? Have you used them in the last few years? Do you plan on using this item in the next year? If not maybe it could be given to charity instead of taking up space in your house.
  • Your house dosent need to be a display home, but it needs to be organized enough that you can find what you want when you want it, without causing you stress. Assess whether your home meets this criteria.
  • Don’t get overwhelmed or panic! Take the task one step at a time and work room by room.
  • Set up 4 designated work stations:
    • one for rubbish,
    • one for charity,
    • things to keep/go to storage,
    • and items to sell.
  • Return things to their “home” once the item has bee used. This will stop things being left all over the place, and keep things in a ordered and neat fashion.
  • Don’t leave clothes in your closet until they are out of date, they take up storage space that could be used for other things.
  • Tackle the storage areas first, so that way when you begin sorting other rooms, you will have places to put these possessions that should have been put in storage!
  • Tidy up your linen closets. The neater the items are folded, the more items you can fit into the storage area. Also note whether you need to keep all of those towels and sheets. Are they old and past their used by date? You can find cheap new bed linen around, so best to get rid of the old!
  • Identify what can be tossed first (the things you really don’t want or care about) and then decide what to do with the things you are unsure about. This will get the ball rolling
  • Try to get into a rhythm when sorting; if you are unsure what to do with an item, set it aside and come back to it later. Don’t spend more than a few minutes deciding what to do with one item.
  • Often because we are a consumer society we accumulate more than we need. Maybe that’s why the terms “declutter”, “decluttering” and “clutter” have become everyday words. Look objectively at your possessions. Do you just have too much unnecessary clutter and impulse buys? Try to look at your possessions objectively rather than emotionally. If you don’t use it and it’s taking up space, it’s time for the item to go.
  • Get items disposed of or donated ASAP after your sorting sessions, so that you don’t have the temptation of going back through your removed piles. Again think objectively, if your first instinct was to toss, or it has ended up in the toss pile, then you probably don’t need to hold onto it and it probably dosent hold a lot of emotional or sentimental purpose. Let it go!

So ... for help with decluttering your home ...

So if you want to know how to declutter your home or your house and if this is just too overwhelming, give us a call!

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