29 2019

Why you need the help of a professional declutter expert

Jess Eddey

Why you need the help of a professional declutter expert - blog post image

You’re sitting in your living room… just the site of it makes you feel anxious!

Oh and the thought of even trying to get this organized is making you feel completely overwhelmed.

You may just need order in your house to start LIVING, you may need your house presentable and looking its best for SALE or you made need to declutter before you MOVE house. In any of these situations, if you don’t know where to begin, you are time poor or the process is causing you stress, then you need Home Moving Planners help.

You may believe that you are able to do this task alone (and some people can) however in our experience people really struggle with decluttering their own things, particularly finding the motivation or time to do so. Furthermore we have had clients who have tried to originally do this task themselves and found that due to their emotional attachment to their own belongings they were just getting nowhere. One client explained they would pick up an item, reminisce about it for 10 minutes then set it aside in another room, and all they had accomplished was moving their mess to another location!

We live in a busy society and trying to find time to organize you “stuff is put well down the bottom of the priority list. Enlisting the aid of professional declutter experts will save you time and stress. Many of our clients who have tried to “start decluttering” have said “WOW, what you did in a day took me weeks-months to accomplish”. This is because it can be hard to see order and know the process in order to declutter a house that is filled with our own possessions.

How to prepare for a decluttering professional to come to your house:

 - Go through and find any important/urgent items/papers etc and put these aside in a marked box. This is a great chance to throw away papers you don’t need. This is particularly important if the house needing decluttering, is a deceased estate or an unoccupied property. If the property is unoccupied or deceased estate we encourage all our clients to write out a list of any furniture/items/valuables they would like kept aside for themselves, friends or family so that these are not given away to charity or disposed of.

- Write a list of all things that you are currently using day to day so they are not packed into storage items or put away into storage space such as cupboards.

- If you are preparing your house for sale, look at getting a storage locker for the sale period as it is important to have decluttered cupboards, closets, garages and sheds, so potential clients can see storage space (very important for potential buyers!!)

-Have an open mind, We are here to help, but you can’t keep everything! Otherwise your house will never be decluttered.

- Prepare for things to not be in the places you normally keep them. We will be finding appropriate homes for things (particularly if your house is needing to be decluttered and styled for sale as things just can’t be kept lying around). We will write you a list of where everything has been moved to. They are likely to be in organized locations now

BEFORE & AFTER: Our work below

Services: decluttered, sorted, cleared, cleaned and styled for sale. House was repainted and re-carpeted.