31 2019

What's it like to be a Deceased Estate clearer?

Jess Eddey

What's it like to be a Deceased Estate clearer? - blog post image

It was lovely for our wonderful staff and team at Home Moving Planners to be featured in, on what is is like to be a Deceased Estate clearer.


So what does deceased estate clearance and estate clearance involve?

When it has come time for a loved one to downsize to retirement living or aged care, family members or executors of an estate may find themselves with the task of clearing out the property for sale or settlement. Often our loved ones homes are filled with a lifetimes worth of possessions, most of which they cannot take with them to their new smaller home, and must be cleared from the property in order to sell or settle it. Others may have had a loved one pass way, and may find that clearing the deceased estate and packing of their loved ones possessions all too painful.

In many cases family members often feel burdened with the load of tasks that need to be completed before the selling of the property. This is where our Home Moving Planners staff can help. We provide a fast, respectful and professional deceased estate and estate clearance services.

Our services involve:

- Decluttering and sorting of items to go to family, friends, charity or to be sold
- Organising rubbish removal
- Helping to prepare the house for sale and clearing for settlement
- Property styling
- Cleaning inside and outside the property
- Organising and managing trades such as painters, handymen, cleaners, window cleaners and carpet cleaners
- Gardening

Our empathetic team of staff has had years of experience clearing estates for sale and settlement. Our staff are experienced trained experts at finding important items such as wills, personal papers and financial documents that could be crucial to solicitors, executors of estates and family in winding up a probate or other legal and financial matters on the estate. We often find important documents related to banking, shares and investments that family members and beneficiaries were unaware of.

We also understand that in a loved ones homes there may be other important items, valuables and even money. It takes a skilled expert professional to quickly and carefully sort through a home to find items that may be hidden, sometimes in inconspicuous places amongst other possessions. Our staff have found lost wedding rings and between $15,000-$17,000 hidden in places such as a seamstress’s clothing patterns, in between books and even wadded up in dirty tissues stuffed in the lining of a bedside table. It’s important to choose a business whose staff are honest and well trained to sort through possessions, and don’t just come in and throw things out because on first glace they look like rubbish!

See our article below to learn more about a day in the life of our wonderful sorting and clearing staff.