01 2019

The importance of using an expert decluttering team for deceased estate clearance

Jess Eddey

The importance of using an expert decluttering team for deceased estate clearance - blog post image

At Home Moving Planners we are committed to not only helping our clients achieve the best possible sales result on their home, but to uncover important items and possessions, forgotten or hidden within the property.

These items and possessions can be invaluable to our client for sentimental or financial reasons. These items may also be important documents related to banking, shares and investments that the family members and beneficiaries were unaware of that may be crucial to solicitors, executors of estates and family in winding up probate or other legal and financial matters on the estate.

It takes a skilled expert decluttering professional to quickly and carefully sort through a home to find items that may be hidden, sometimes in inconspicuous places amongst other possessions.

At Home Moving Planners we provide a fast, respectful and professional deceased estate and estate clearing service. Our empathetic team of experienced staff have had many years of experience clearing deceased estates.

In the photos below you can see items our staff have found at properties that have either been lost or unknown to the family. Our staff found two lost wedding rings and $17,000 in old notes hidden in seamstress’s clothing patterns, in between books and wadded up in dirty tissues stuffed under the lining of bedside tables.

Our clients at this property were completely unaware that their mother had stored large amounts of cash within the property and had thought the wedding rings had been lost many years ago. They were obviously extremely grateful for these items to be uncovered and for our staff to be so honest.

Our client had mentioned to us that she had received two other quotes for clearing out of the property from other companies. As the property was cluttered to hoarding levels and looked like a lot of “junk”, other companies had come in and quoted to just clear everything out to rubbish with obvious items going to charity with fixed priced quoting. Our client expressed to us that if she had gone with the other companies they would have “bulldozed” through the home and would have missed finding these hidden valuables as they were hidden amongst the rubbish. Whilst our staff carefully and methodically cleared the property and uncovered cash amounts that more than paid for the clearing services enlisted, and provided the estate with a large amount of unknown cash.

It’s important when choosing a business to provide deceased estate clearance and estate clearing services, to make sure their staff are well trained in methods of efficient and careful clearing and don’t just come in and throw things out because on first glance it looks like a dirty tissue or a piece of rubbish. It is also important to choose a business with good knowledge of valuable second hand items and “knick-knacks” so that these do not get accidently sent to charity or rubbish.

Further to the rings and cash found at the property, our staff were able to sort out valuable crockery, china, ornaments, vases etc amongst the other possesions (as seen in the photo below), worth $4,000 in the second hand market.

When choosing Home Moving Planners to clear a loved ones estate you are choosing a company who are committed to providing an efficient, careful, empathetic and cost conscious service.