19 2014

House Styling and Property Presentation 101 - Why you need to make your house look 110% before sale!

Lisa Eddey

One sure way to prevent your home from selling quickly and for a great price is to present it badly. And by presenting badly, this could even mean the way you have your house set up ‘day-to-day’. This may sound harsh, as we often take great pride in our homes and therefore take offence to people changing the way our house has been set up for years! You may say “it works for us so why not for everyone else!?”

The way you have set up your home is comfortable for you and works with your day-to-day activities. You may have couches up against windows or bookshelf’s blocking hallways because it was functional for what you needed out of your home, but this does not present well. We understand that it is hard after having your house set up a certain way for many years, to see it set up in any other way. Unfortunately selling your house isn’t about what works best for you, the way it is presented has to be what makes the house look 110%!! (See our earlier blog posts on how Home Moving Planners achieves this!)

Similarly you may walk past a wall with a small crack in it every day and think nothing of it. It’s only small, it’s not that big of a deal and you really don’t want to spend the money on painting the whole hallway because of it. But why should you? Potential buyers may look at that small hairline crack and assume that something much larger, such as a structural defect is at hand. The majority of potential buyers will overdramatise this small crack and believe it will cost them alot in money, time, effort and personal inconvenience to fix these defects. Because of this they will reuce the amount accordingly they are prepared to pay for your home based on how much they believe it will cost them to "fix" the strutural damage that your small crack has made them believe exisits. Buyers are looking for something better than they already have. They don’t want soiled carpet, cracked and marked walls, poorly kept gardens and poor paintwork. Potential buyers do not want to see any property that “needs work” or looks reasonably run down!

Lets look at this another way, if you were selling your car, would you not clean it, get it detailed, polished, and make it look its best before selling? Wouldn’t you make sure anything that could detract a potential buyer was fixed? Of course you would! So why would you not do the same with a much bigger investment?

An investment of a few hundred to a thousand dollars and a little bit of time and effort will be repaid to you many times over in your selling price.

Home Moving Planners have prepared homes for sale that sold well above the reserve price (up to $400k) and had the new owners say the loved how homely the place felt. This is after the house has been repainted, holes and cracks fixed up and the house restyled! A huge return like that makes the amount put into the property to fix it look tiny in comparison!

On another note, many of the properties we have prepared for sale that have sold well above the reserve price were thought to be “knock down jobs”. But after a bit of work, a repaint, a good clean and a restyle, families have ended up buying these homes! They loved how homely it felt and just wanted to move straight in! This is great because it gets people bidding and pushing up prices! So it always pays to put in a bit of effort, you will get it back in the return!

Small changes make the world of difference, but it can take a fresh eye to notice what that is. Unfortunately anyone coming to see your home for the first time will likely spot it before you do, or perhaps they just won’t see or understand the full potential of a room because of the way it has been set up.

Home Moving Planners know how to make the big changes along with the subtle ones to make your house look 110%. Does a study need to become an extra bedroom as this is a better selling point? Should the couch be facing a different direction? Is the artwork unappealing, dark and uninviting? Does the décor match the house or is it outdated and mix-matched. Does the carpet need cleaning and the painting redone to freshen up a well lived in home?  And who can help me organize this!?

Home Moving Planners will get your house 110% ready by working with you as much or as little as you need….or you can go and have lunch, put your feet up  and we can work away!

Home Moving Planners can help you by:

  • Decluttering/taking items to storage/giving items to charity to maximize space in each room for sale
  • Maximise the layout of the house
  • Accessorize the house so it is styled beautifully for sale
  • Organise, Co-ordinate and manage additional resources such as painters, builders etc
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Gardening
  • Cleaning



How different does this room look after some attention?!

In the left picture, on the right hand side you can see a bit of a blue couch, which was up against a wall and gave no walkway through this room! It looks so small!

But by restyling the room it looks huge in comparison to the before picture! Removing furniture from the windows also allows for making the room look bigger as well as letting more light into the room which makes it more appealing and welcoming!

Small changes making the world of difference!