05 2014

Styling and Property Presentation 101- Creating Bedrooms

Lisa Eddey

We always express the importance of setting up as many rooms as possible as bedrooms, to our clients. If you have more than four bedrooms then this is not a concern. However if you have four or less bedrooms, this is a crucial selling point for your property.

Rooms that can be styled as bedrooms should ALWAYS be styled as bedrooms. That room you use for storage or as a study should be turned into a bedroom.

It's important to remember that when selling your home, what is convient for you every day, does not necessarily show your house to its full potential.

The photos below show a perfect example of this. The bungalow out the back of the property was used for storage and was jam packed full of items. Once cleared out it was the perfect place to set up another bedroom! This allowed the house to be markted as a three bedroom house instead of two, a much better selling point for our clients!

Styling and Property Presentation 101
Styling and Property Presentation 101