09 2017

Recent Work: The Power of Decluttering and Styling Your Home for Sale

Jess Eddey

Recent Work: The Power of Decluttering and Styling Your Home for Sale - blog post image
  • Why removing clutter and styling your home vital when selling your home
The below before and after photos are of some of our recent work. Home Moving Planners decluttered, cleared, sold furniture, cleaned, then fully furnished and styled this property for sale. Home Moving Planners also organised for the house to be fully repainted and for the garden and outside areas to be maintained. 


Removing Clutter Before



If you're wondering whether you should just sell your house as is and not worry about paying for a professional to declutter and style your home for sale, we suggest you look at the above photos and ask yourself the following questions.

As a potential buyer:

- Which property would grab your attention (for the right reasons) when scrolling through realestate.com or domain.com? Which property are you likely to ignore?

- Which property can you clearly visualise what the space could be used for?

- Which property can you clearly determine the space and size of the furniture that you could bring in of your own?

- Which property is more visually appealing?

- Which property could you see yourself living in?

and most importantly

- Which property are you willing to pay more for?





One sure way to prevent your home from selling quickly and for a great price is to present it badly. And by presenting badly, this could even mean the way you have your house set up ‘day-to-day’. This may sound harsh, as we often take great pride in our homes and therefore take offence to people changing the way our house has been set up for years! You may say “it works for us so why not for everyone else!?”

The way you have set up your home is comfortable for you and works with your day-to-day activities. You may have couches up against windows or bookshelf’s blocking hallways because it was functional for what you needed out of your home, but this does not present well. We understand that it is hard after having your house set up a certain way for many years, to see it set up in any other way. Unfortunately selling your house isn’t about what works best for you, the way it is presented has to be what makes the house look 100%.


The trick is to coax the buyer into feeling as though the home is already theirs. It’s smartest to modestly furnish and decorate your home. Unfortunately many people do not know how to go about decorating and staging their homes for sale. They often become comfortable and used to the way the house has been set up, that they are unable to see their house and furniture set up in another way. You do not want viewing you house to become distracting. Those bright floral 90’s bed linen may have worked perfectly and comfortably for you, but it isn’t allowing the potential buyer to see anything but your personality in the house.



It is best to lightly furnish houses, as these feel homely an inviting and allow the potential buyer to imagine themselves living there. The buyer should get a sense of what each room could be used for and what size furniture could fit in the space, and make comparison between their furnishing and yours to determine if the property will suit their lifestyle. Vacant properties lack this atmosphere. The key is to make the house look tasteful, liveable, homely and attractive, whilst also maximizing each room’s space and light.


Why would you sell your home and accept a lower price than what you could get, when a bit of time and effort could make your home one of those properties selling well above your expected price!





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