28 2016

Property Styling: Why should I have my home styled for sale?

Jess Eddey

Property Styling: Why should I have my home styled for sale? - blog post image
  • The importance of styling you home for sale.

Home staging is a fast growing industry in Australia, simply because it works so well for vendors. The simple reason property styling works is that, by making your home look its best, you will attract more potential buyers to view the property online as well as attract people to your open inspections.

People look to buy homes for logical reasons (downsizing, growing family etc etc) however studies have shown that people buy homes based on an emotional connection or attachment to the property. Staging allows people to see how they could live a beautiful life in your property and make that emotional connection. Unfortunately empty homes are unable to convey this emotional reaction, as the potential buyer can’t see how the room could be used.

In the before and after photos attached below you can see the importance of styling and fully furnishing a home for sale.

In the first photo, the picture is captured in the same room, from the same distance away and with the same lighting, however in the before photo the room looks small and poky. The potential buyer would walk in and wonder what this room at the from to the House could be used for. They’d be confused what type of furniture could fit the space, how to arrange the room and it’s functionality. Unfurnished rooms appear smaller as you are unable to perceive depth and space without furniture.


In the second photo, we show how to use furniture to create two separate zones in large rooms.

The potential buyer would walk into this very large room and wonder what this room could be used for. How would this large room work? Surely it can't just be used for a living space because it's too big?! But how would I arrange my furniture, how should I set the room up? If one space is used as a living area, what will the other space at the back be used for? This is where styling a property for sale is so important. We've shown the potential buyer how this room can be used, set up and it's functionality. You don't want buyers confused about a space and wondering how they could fit their furniture into a space, or how to use a space. Potential buyers need to picture themselves in the property, and they can only do that when a home is furnished. By using couches we zoned off the living space in this large room so that there was a designated zone at the back that could be used as a study area. This way potential buyers can see how they might use this space. The first thing the real estate agent asked me when we walked into this room was "oh wow this is so big what would this room be used for?" Now if the real estate agent isn't sure, how will potential buyers be able to picture how to use this room?


In any of our services, a priority for us in a return on investment for our clients. Preparing a home for sale and styling a home for sale is the best way for our clients to maximise their sale potential. Therefore we always encourage our clients to have their home presented and styled for sale. We work within our clients budget and first try to utilise as much of their own furniture as possible, and then we can bring in pieces of our own furniture, artwork and accessories. However we are also able to fully furnish and style empty properties for sale. Home Moving Planners are able to do part style campaigns as well as fully furnished campaigns.

Many clients often say once we have finished styling their home for sale that it was well worth the investment as the property looked like a completely different home and much more attractive to potential buyers. Often clients are so happy with how their home is now set up, they tell us they don’t want to sell or move now!

Home Moving Planners have fully furnished and styled hundreds of homes all over Victoria and by choosing us to style or prepare your home for sale, this will help you achieve the best possible result and best possible price for your home.


Our services are particularly helpful for those who cannot do the tasks themselves, have time poor family and friends, do not have family residing close by to provide help, or are interstate investors.

We are a small business and we pride ourselves on the personal service we provide.


Home Moving Planners is also able to provide any other services you may need to prepare your home for sale such as:

  • Maintenance work
  • Indoor and Outdoor cleaning
  • Arranging removalists and storage


We are able to help those who:

  • Need help or advice in styling their property for sale
  • Need a partial or full furnish of a property for sale
  • Are family members or those holding a Power of Attorney who are assisting in the sale of a property
  • Executors of deceased estates


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