30 2017

PROPERTY STYLING: tips for presenting your home to the market — PART 1 the basics

Jess Eddey

PROPERTY STYLING: tips for presenting your home to the market — PART 1 the basics - blog post image

Tips to help with the foundations of preparing and styling your home for sale.




  • Your house needs to have no clutter or odours. The home almost needs to be a blank slate, where all personal taste and “living clutter” will have to be put away. The average buyer will have difficulty looking beyond the all of your possessions and items cluttering spaces to see how they could live in the home or where they could put their own possessions. All spaces must be clear, clean and tidy. If the property looks clean and smells fresh, prospective buyers will form a a positive opinion of your home. For more information and tips on decluttering please visit our earlier blog posts.

Painting & Maintenance:


  • Rule of thumb; if it looks like it needs repairing or repainting, fix it!
  • There may be several things such as cracks, peeling paint or discolouration in walls, that you have simply become accustomed to over time. Buyers will mentally add up their perceived costs of repairing all those minor flaws and end up with an amount that is generally much higher than the actual amount it will cost you to repair this for sale. Adding up these costs will therefore affect the amount the potential buyer is willing to pay for the property. Whilst you may believe these repairs are small or insignificant, the buyer may also question the maintenance of the property as a whole, and if there are any serious structural issues etc. Neglecting to fix these issues can lower your selling price or lengthen the time to sell.
  • Some before and after photos below, notice how repainitng a home can give it a complete transofmration!



  • A “normal clean” when presenting your home for sale, will just not be enough unless you regularly do spring cleans of your property. Your home will need a thorough head to toe spring clean.
  • Dust from the roof down to the skirting boards, then give the floors a vacuum (sometimes floors need to be vacuumed twice). Clean and polish lino, tile and wooden floors.
  • Clean and polish all woodwork, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom. Cupboards should be wiped inside and out so that they sparkle.
  • All skirting boards, door frames, doors, light switches and power points need to be cleaned. Similarly all light fixtures and ceiling fans need to be cleaned as these are often negated in normal cleaning and these are dust magnets.
  • Some before and after cleaning photos below, notice how a thorough spring clean can completely change the colour of the areas cleaned!