14 2015

Helping anyone, at any age and any life stage!

Lisa Eddey

Moving? Selling your home? Need your house cleared for settlement?
Recently one of our clients came to us asking if we could help her move her. She was unsure if we could help her with this process as she wasn’t “elderly” and wasn’t sure if our services to help downsize where suitable for her age group.

At Home Moving Planners, we help anyone, of any age and any life stage through the difficult process of selling their home, clearing it for settlement, packing and moving to new homes.

It came to our attention early that moving house at any age is a difficult and stressful process and therefore we will work with anyone needing assistance.

Whilst we specialize in helping the elderly move from their homes into retirement or aged care living (due to the requirements and special understanding that this needs) we regularly complete jobs for those who:

  • Are time poor due to work and other commitments
  • Have young families with children
  • Who are unable to do the tasks themselves due to unforeseen reasons
  • Want expert advice on how to best present and style their home for sale
  • Are in a difficult life transition and need some support during this time to move or sell their home
  • Need help decluttering and regaining order in their home
  • Or people who just want a helping hand to make the sale/move from their home an easy and simple transition

We have helped many young families with children, working professionals who are time poor and those who need a hand during a difficult transition in their life, as well as continuing our dedication to help our elderly community transition into their next stage of life.

At Home Moving Planners we can help you with any of your declutering, preparing home for sale, property styling, clearing homes for settlement and packing/moving requirements regardless of your age or your life stage.

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Happy clients
Happy clients
Happy clients
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