03 2019

CASE STUDY: A rewarding sale in more than one way. House clearance and preparing a home for sale.

Jess Eddey

CASE STUDY: A rewarding sale in more than one way. House clearance and preparing a home for sale. - blog post image

Our beautiful clients were in need of assistance in preparing their parents home for sale. Our clients required Home Moving Planners help with every stage of the selling process. Our clients parents had already moved into aged care so the focus was on what to do with their full house of remaining belongings,  and preparing the house so it received the best sale price to assist their parents financially.

A family home with many years worth of possessions and memories within it was too overwhelming and emotional for our clients to complete themselves. We were enlisted to assist with the decluttering, sorting and clearing of the remaining possessions for our clients. Our standard process of clearing a property follows: assisting clients in locating and retrieving items they want to keep, locating unwanted items of value to be sold, donating and rubbish removal of the remaining items. This was a large process as the house had 5 bedrooms, 4 living rooms, 2 dining rooms and a study.

Further to this we were also asked to provide advice on some cosmetic changes and maintenance to the property to assist with its sale. Home Moving planners arranged and projected managed the following trades:

  • - Cleaning inside and outside of the property
  • - Full house repaint
  • - Full house re-carpet
  • - New lights and light fixtures
  • - New curtains and blinds
  • - Landscape gardening and retaining wall built
  • - New kitchen bench


Once the trades were complete, our in house styling team were enlisted to fully furnish and style the property. Our styling team worked closely with our clients to discuss relevant furniture selection and styling of the property to suit the style of the home and the targeted market demographic.

The property received over 40 groups of people through on its first open inspection. A sensational number through a property with a current cooling market. Auction day was a great success with the property achieving a result $240,000 over the reserve price. A fantastic result with auction and clearance rates in decline.

During the campaign the Home Moving Planners team worked intimately with our clients assisting and supporting them during a difficult time with many decisions to be made and creating at the end of the campaign a strong friendship with our clients.

At Home Moving Planners it is paramount to us to look after the clients needs as a whole, not only with assisting in house clearing and preparing the home for sale.

It is incredibly rewarding for our team to see lovely clients, who we have worked very closely with for many months, and who have taken on and trusted our advice, receive a successful sales result.

Our clients review: 5 stars

“Trust me. There is no better team for Home Staging, Property Styling & Decluttering Services. Just hire them. From the moment I met with Lisa for the first time all those months ago I knew I had found someone special to assist my sister and I to get our parent’s home ready for sale. Together with her team of cleaners and her daughter Jessica who did the amazing internal styling, they are without doubt the best in the Home Staging, Property Styling & Decluttering Services business. Lisa and her team were extremely professional in their dealings with us both, either in person, on the phone or via email communications. Lisa in particular was extremely patient with all my questions, feedback and suggestions throughout the months leading up to the auction. The strategies they recommended when we initially discussed how to get the house ready for sale were spot on. Given the emotional nature of cleaning our house Lisa, Jessica and her team were understanding, caring and ultimately became part of our family. We went on this emotional journey together from day one till the day of the auction which they attended. All I can do is thank Lisa, Jessica and the whole Home Moving Planners team on behalf of my family for getting the auction result we could have only dreamed of. For a small team of people they are one of the most hardworking group I have ever met. So if you are looking at Home Staging, Property Styling & Decluttering Services in preparation of selling your home then what are you waiting for? Call them. They are simply the best.”



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Our Approach:

Home Moving planners are a family owned company who have been operating in Melbourne, Victoria Australia for many years and we are passionate about helping families have a stress free moving or selling experience.

At Home Moving Planners, we understand how difficult it is to clear a house for sale. Our experienced team will show empathy and respect to yours or your loved ones home and possessions. Our aim is to make the process as stress free as possible for you and your loved ones.

Home Moving Planners provide a complete beginning to end service and can co-ordinate and supervise every step of the clearing process. We act as one point of reference and can organize, plan and complete all of the necessary tasks for you. We can do as much or as little as you want, relieving your or your loves ones from the stress of house clearing and preparing the property for sale. 


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